End of an Odyssey

August 10, 2010

Simone Reimann and Mathias Hanke, a couple from Germany, ended a 55-day canoeing odyssey down the Yukon River in Emmonak on Sunday, August 15th.
They started their adventure in the Canadian head waters of the Yukon, setting off in their canoes in Whitehorse. They ventured through the swift moving waters of the upper Yukon, enjoyed rain-soaked days in Alaska, and cruised the calm pure waters of the Bering Sea. They traveled up to 50 miles a day, waking to the natural alarm clock of nature.
When they arrived in Emmonak, AC employee Shane volunteered to give the couple a ride to the airport. The couple asked how much they owed Shane for the ride, and rather than collecting money to fill his gas tank, he simply asked them to make a donation to ADA by purchasing a "Helping Hand"!