Culture Camp

July 1, 2010

This year was the 10th anniversary of Culture Camp in Sand Point. Culture Camp is a two-week camp for the youth in the community to learn about their culture and heritage. The youth learn their native language, cultural dances and songs; they bead native Bering-Sea-style head-dresses and hand-sew the Regalia; they hand-carve and shape native hunters and Chief hats from wood, and they are taught basket-weaving and drum-making and how to build models of Iqyax (kayaks). This year they even made a full size Iqyax!
Culture Camp is a great way for the youth of Sand Point to learn the history and ways of their ancestors. It is also a great opportunity for the adults to revisit their culture and perhaps learn something new about their heritage. Each evening the camp is open for adults to participate in all the cultural events that are taught to the kids during the day.
The AC store in Sand Point donated food and merchandise for the closing ceremony potluck, and Robbie Gilmour, store manager, and his team volunteered their time to help organize the closing ceremonies and support the auction to raise funds for the Culture Camp.