Hooper Bay Scavenger Hunt

July 1, 2010

To help promote a healthy living lifestyle, AC Manager, Larry of Hooper Bay, with the help of employee Holly Bell, created a scavenger hunt around a hidden key. Larry and Holly chose to hide the key in an area that had cultural meaning to the community; therefore, they chose the old town where the Yupik people lived for centuries.
The Yupik people, a semi-nomadic tribe, lived in the old town during the winter months in shelters that required a ladder to get into because they were underground. The Yupik people chose this area because it was close to the ocean and they could hunt for animals like seals and sea lions. In the late spring, the Yupik people would head inland to fish and pick berries then head back to the beach again for the winter months.
The key was hidden on top of a small hill by the Bone Pond. The Yupik people would throw the bones of all the animals they ate into this pond. The key was not easy to find but because there were so many community members looking for it, it was discovered in just two short days.
Congratulations to Peter Green, his wife and daughter Magdelena for finding the hidden key during the Hooper Bay Scavenger Hunt. The Green family won a $200 gift card and an I-Pod from AC as well as a round trip ticket to Bethel from Hageland.
The AC team did a great job creating an event that encourages healthy living by getting active and by adding a cultural dimension to the event. This event was so well received by the community that they are considering making it an annual summer event.