Local Job Fair

April 1, 2010

On March 5th, AC accepted an invitation to participate in a Job Fair at the local high school. Sponsored by NANA, the event was held in conjunction with a regional basketball tournament featuring teams from Kotzebue and many surrounding villages. The theme of the job fair was "Modern Day Hunters" and the goal was to encourage the hundreds of students in attendance to use school as a tool to acquire the skills necessary to hunt for and successfully land a good job in the years to come. Our booth provided valuable information about employment opportunities with AC and presented visitors with flashlights (with company logos, of course).
We also gave out sample trays of fruit and veggies and introduced two new trays, courtesy of our baker/deli, featuring sandwiches and pastries. The trays were a huge hit. Big thanks to everyone who helped. It was a very successful day.